The New York Altar Guild

A Philanthropic Organization Serving the Needs of Churches and Institutions throughout the Anglican Communion by providing Vestments and Altar Furnishings


New York Altar Guild Statement of Purpose

The New York Altar Guild is dedicated to providing for the altar needs of the Cathedral, parishes, chapels, missions, and related institutions throughout the Diocese of New York, nationally and internationally, contributing to the support of ecclesiastical services of the wider Episcopal Church. Our objective is to assure that all persons can worship in dignity and beauty.


We operate under the aegis of the Diocese of New York, although independently from the Altar Guild Association of the Diocese of New York. Our focus is local, national and worldwide, meeting the expressed needs of churches and institutions everywhere.

The New York Altar Guild maintains a Reserve Closet at the House of the Redeemer, 7 East 95th Street, New York City. We welcome,  receive and store donations of suitable ecclesiastical items in good condition for redistribution, providing new life for them in a great variety of settings. We subsequently fill requests from parishes, missions and related institutions by providing for them vestments, linens, and  Eucharistic and Altar furnishings. Call the Guild at 845-677-6401 or e-mail  to donate or  request needed items. Please download, fill out and submit the request/donate form.

Recent assistance has been provided to parishes, organizations and correctional facilities in the Diocese of New York and beyond, throughout the Anglican Communion.

The New York Altar Guild Grants Program

2014 Application Deadline: February 1, 2014

In 2013, after careful consideration of requests for items beyond the scope of previous activities, the Guild initiated a Grants Program for the purpose of assisting parishes with larger projects.  Fifteen applications were received by the February 1 deadline, and in April grants were awarded to five parishes.  

Applications for the 2014 Grant Cycle for projects in keeping with the purpose of the Guild should be submitted to the Grants Committee by February 1, 2014.  Such projects might include refurbishing an organ, new cabinetry in a sacristy, repair of stained glass.

Please contact Grants Committee Chair Miss Jean Grainger, 215 East 79th Street, Apartment 14A, New York, New York 10075-0854 or for further information, Guidelines and an Application.  Grant award(s) will be announced following the Guild’s April Board Meeting.  


Founded in 1903 to serve the chapels of prisons, children’s homes and hospitals, the original group of indomitable women struggled against city bureaucracy in their efforts to establish suitable places of worship in such institutions. The work soon extended beyond Diocesan boundaries in response to appeals from a variety of churches and church organizations, missions in this country and elsewhere, and even to transatlantic passenger ships. The group continues to respond to a wide variety of Church needs. We celebrated our 105th Anniversary in November 2008.


The New York Altar Guild welcomes new members, baptized men and women, who share our vision and want to support our work. Meetings are held October through May, excluding December, at the House of the Redeemer, 7 East 95th Street, New York City.  The New York Altar Guild has been incorporated as a non-profit entity, and all contributions are tax deductible.  

Membership dues levels include Annual Individual ($40), Annual Patron ($75), and Annual Associate Altar Guild ($50 - $75).  Individual Lifetime Memberships are available at $750.

The New York Altar Guild
Mailing address: 2 Charlton Street, #12A, New York,  NY 10014


Reserve Closet maintained at
The House of the Redeemer
7 East 95th Street
New York, NY  10128

Form for Requesting items from/donating items to the Reserve Closet



Sister Ann Whitaker, S.S.M.


Board of Directors



Charlotte Barnard, President
Patricia L. Ranson, 1st V. President
Margaret R. Moses, 2nd V. President
Sally E. Johnston, Recording Secretary
Sarah L. Jones, Assistant Recording Secretary
Barbara N. Lindsley, Corresponding Secretary
Judith I. Barba, Treasurer
Jean C. Grainger, Assistant Treasurer

Board Members
Lois E. Butler
Margaret German
Molly Jones
Mary Van Schaick

Canon Margaret Larom, Jo Dare Mitchell
Advisory Committee Members
Mai D. Harper
Karen Sisk
Honorary Members

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