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Environment Liaison Submission Form

2016 Environment
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Resolutions passed at the 2015 Diocesan Convention call for us to make the transition to renewable energy within the next decade.  That is a bold, but necessary time frame, given the climate crisis; and it’s doable, if each of our congregations continues to address this issue in a serious and engaged way. It must also be an integral part of the diocesan-wide strategic planning process, which is now underway.

The more that we can share information and learn from each other, the easier this transition will be for everyone. To make this possible, the Environment Committee is asking every congregation (that has not done so already) to appoint at least one member to be a liaison to the Committee.  Although the sustainability of our church buildings has the highest priority, the Committee also works on other major issues of environmental concern, e.g.,  water, food, etc.  For that reason, you might want to appoint one member of your vestry or perhaps someone on your Buildings and Grounds Committee (or the equivalent), in addition to one other member of the congregation.

Please use this form to submit the name(s) and contact details of your congregation’s appointee(s).