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First and Next Steps Grants


First Step Grants

First Steps Grants are expressly intended to provide funds to create stronger, healthier parishes. Funds awarded are to support activities that will serve as a catalyst for spiritual and numerical growth throughout the diocese.  The  Congregational Development Commission may annually establish broad strategic goals and objectives for the First Steps Grants and regularly evaluate advancement towards these goals.


The sole purpose of First Steps Grants is to grow the Episcopal Diocese of New York by creating stronger and healthier parishes.  While all parishes are eligible to apply, the funds are specifically targeted to parishes with an ASA between 50 and 150.  Funds awarded under this program are to support activities that will result in definable and measurable spiritual and numerical growth.  In the written proposal, applicants must clearly explain how the proposed activity will result in spiritual and numerical growth within their parish.  First Steps Grants are not intended for general support, on-going program support or benevolence.  It is exclusively a development fund.


The Episcopal Diocese of New York through the Congregational Development Commission plans to approve funding for several projects each year, with grant amounts up to $5,000.

Next Steps Grants

A Next Steps Grant is given to support a congregation making the transition for pastoral to program size by providing temporary, partial funding for an assistant clergyperson. A total of $30,000 is available from the diocesan budget for this program.

Application Deadline

The deadline for submission of applications for both First Steps and Next Steps Grants is May 15, 2017. Full instructions are included in the application forms (see below for downloads)


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Canon for Congregational Vitality

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